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Free eye exams
Free eye exams

Eyeglasses lenses correct refractive errors by focusing light directly on the retina. The type of lens depends on the type and severity of the refractive error. First we do the diagnosis using the finest machines and find the errors like Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia and Astigmatism.


Automated Refraction

A refraction test is a routine eye examination that helps our eye specialists to prescribe the need for eyeglasses and contact lens. The test is used to diagnose various vision disorders like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

Myopia or nearsightedness

Myopia or nearsightedness is a common vision problem in which we can see closer objects clearly and farther objects in a blur. Some common symptoms of myopia include blurry vision, headaches, and night blindness. The condition is caused when your eyeball is elongated into a pear shape or due to a curved cornea. During an eye exam, our experts can fix the vision problem with eyeglasses, contacts, or refractive surgery.

Hyperopia or farsightedness

Hyperopia or farsightedness is a common vision problem in which we can see farther objects clearly and closer objects in a blur. Some common symptoms of Hyperopia include eyestrain, headache after focussing close objects, and blurred vision for nearby objects. The condition is caused when you have a shorter eyeball or due to flat cornea. During an eye exam, our experts can fix hyperopia with eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery.

Presbyopia is a gradual vision loss that is unable to focus on close-up sight. Presbyopia is a vision loss that occurs as part of ageing that includes blurred vision at normal reading distance. Some symptoms may include:
●    Eyestrain or headaches while doing close up work
●    Tendency to hold objects at a farther distance
●    Sudden hazy or blurred vision
●    Double vision
Consult with our eye specialists if blurry close-up vision keeps you from daily activities.


Astigmatism is an eye condition in which the cornea is not completely round that causes blurred distance and near vision. Astigmatism occurs along with nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia). Symptoms of Astigmatism may include blurred vision, eyestrain, headaches, and squinting. The condition can be rectified by corrective lenses or surgery.

Free Eye Camp
Free Eye Camp

Allen and Habour Optic store conducts Free Eye Camp as an endeavour to provide good eyesight to needy people. The main aim of this program is to create awareness about eye-related disorders and early detection. This is very helpful to provide eye care service to a large audience within a short period. Power of our vision changes over our lifetime. However, it is very important to have a regular eye screening regardless of age. Our specialists at the free eye camp can detect eye disorder at an early stage as many people are unaware that they have a vision problem. We can provide a detailed review of your eye health and prescribe you corrective lenses that suit your need. Cherish your precious eyesight and protect your vision through early diagnosis.